480 Main Ave Unit 6-7, Wallington, NJ, 07057
Open To All Public
Walk-Ins are kindly accepted. Contractors, Designers, Home Owners, Architectures...
Best Price Guarantee
The most luxurious Natural Stone, Marble, Tiles, Mosaics at the cheapest and best price
Fast Service
All payments accepted. Same day pick-up. No scheduling needed.

Why Mudo Decor ?

  • Factory to Direct
  • Wholesale to Public
  • Stone Marble Tile Mosaics
  • Fast & Same Day Pick Up
  • We Load to your Vehicles
  • Best Price Guarantee in NY Metropolitan Area (NY-NJ-CT)
  • Have various natural stones, Marble Tile in our stocks
  • Contractors, Home owners, Designers, Architectures are Welcome
  • 7/24 Customer Support
  • Give us Call or Text Anytime
  • info@mudodecor.com
  • (201)-665-6181


How to Buy?

If you want local pick up, 

  • We accept walk-in customers in our warehouse


You can contact without coming in person,

When you contact us, our sales representative will take special care of you and assist you throughout the entire process. When you place your order, we will carefully prepare your order within 1-2 business days. The products are examined before the order is loaded, the boxes are inspected. And we offer both residential and commercial delivery.

  • For the pick-up, we load your vehicle or the transportation vehicle you rented. We do not charge for handling.
  • If you agree with the delivery option, we ship your order to your address.
What is your hours of operation ?

Monday to Saturday 9 am to 5 pm

Where are you located ?

We are located in 480 Main Ave Unit 7 Wallington, NJ 07057

Do you charge for handling ?

We load your vehicle, we don't charge for it

Is there a minimum order quantity ?

No. There is no minimum order quantity.

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